Mobile PBX

One phone in the office or on the go

Give total freedom to your staff by enhancing mobility and allowing them to work remotely. Our VoIP phone system includes a web-based user portal that gives your staff complete mobility and independence. Employees can configure extension preferences using a web browser without help from IT staff.

mobile communication made easy with Ring AuthorityMobile PBX

With Mobile PBX, calls outside working hours can be routed to voice mail and important calls can be forwarded to a mobile phone based on the caller ID. This insures critical calls are never missed, and there is never a need to give out mobile phone numbers.

The Windows VoIP phone can be used in or out of the office. Our softphone and the traditional hardware phone can be used at the same time using the same credentials. For example, the hardware phone can be used when at the office, but when at home or on the road it is very easy to switch to the soft phone and remain connected to the company’s phone system.

The Mobile Advantage

  • Your office number shows on caller ID, not your cell phone number
  • Advanced forwarding rules based on Caller ID, time, and type of call
  • Manage, route and track calls from your Android or Apple device
  • Receive voicemail in email inbox
  • Self-service user portal
  • Search your company address book from any phone
  • They're Green – using softphones saves electricity
  • Substantial savings on telephone bills
  • Softphones are available for iPhone, Android and Windows. Also works on iPads and Android tablets!

Quick Installation and Easy to Use

  • Register the softphone to your PBX and you have complete freedom
  • Free download from Apple Store or Google Play
  • Intuitive user interface with dial pad and buttons
  • Identical user experience on Windows, Android and IPhone


$15/mo for auto attendent on your cell phone + $5 each additional extension

Contact Ring Authority to see how you can use your mobile phone as your desk phone