Energy Savings

The "Green IT" movement doesn't stop at low-powered servers and turning off your desktop computer at night. Telecommunications technologies exist that can help you save even more.

According to a study performed by Ecos, an energy-management consulting firm, U.S. consumers spend over $2 billion per year on electricity powering cable and other set-top boxes that primarily sit idle in your home every day. Phone system power consumption can also be a significant energy (and budget) drain.

Reduce your power bills by using low power IP PBX appliances instead of IP PBX tower/rack servers.

Low energy consumption means a return on investment is likely to be far shorter than with IP PBX tower.

Deploy low power VoIP Phone Handsets using Power over Ethernet (PoE)

save money on energy efficient phone solutionsAnother way to reduce the amount of energy a phone system uses is to deploy energy efficient VoIP phone handsets. For example, recent independent testing revealed that VOIP phones have the lowest power consumption in each respective phone class, with a power saving of over 50% in some cases. Most VoIP phones today support PoE, which means they can be deployed without having to pay an electrical contractor to run power cables and install AC outlets.

Utilize Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can help take your business to new levels as you'll be able to speak face to face with existing or potential new clients more quickly. Talking to people through video, web and teleconferencing, avoids the costs, time and stress of traveling.

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